A tiny gamette on the theme 'Shapeshift' for Ludum Dare 35.

Try not to click outside the game area, it tends to cause you to lose control and have to reload :(

Design and code is by me, Karl Naylor. Music was generously contributed by Thomas Collins (thomascollinsmusic@gmail.com), who also produced the original sound effects that I mangled to produce the sounds you hear in the game.

Speaking of sound, audio doesn't work for me in Firefox :( Chrome works.

Source code is on Github.

Changes since the Ludum Dare deadline:

  • Added Thomas's email address to the title screen.
  • Added a short delay on player death before the mouse button will take you to the title screen, as a friend was finding it annoying that he sometimes accidentally clicked past his score on death. I think that's an OK change as a small 'quality of life' thing, right? If you disagree, feel free to mark me down on it :)
  • Similarly, made spacebar immediately start a new game after you die instead of going via the title screen.
Made withPhaser
TagsLudum Dare 35
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse